To reduce the amount of your energy bill, it is in your interest to install and use the heating programmer and regulator: ideal for obtaining the desired temperature at the right time of the day, these systems also make it possible to avoid using too much energy. Energy when it’s not needed. Here are some tips from Ecoforest for handling your equipment well every day!

Central or Decentralized: Different Systems To Regulate Its Heating

There are different types of heating controllers perfect for less suffering from the cold in winter: depending on your needs and the nature of your installations, you can choose the most suitable solutions. In some cases, the device can be directly connected to the central heating. Here, the heating is regulated by the use of a room thermostat (inside the house) and an outdoor sensor allowing, depending on the weather, to turn the boiler more or less often.

This centralization does not prevent personalizing the heating from one room to another. To do this, you have to think about also having thermostatic valves, which are placed directly on the radiators.

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Decentralized Regulation

If you do not want (or if you cannot) intervene on your heating system, install electronic thermostats on all heat sources, whether they are convectors, radiators, or even simple towel warmers. This solution has the advantage of facilitating energy savings room by room: for example, you can count on 19 to 20 degrees in living spaces, and 17 degrees maximum in bedrooms.

In houses and apartments heated by radiant floors or ceilings or using storage heaters, you can bet on the room thermostat possibly connected to another installation outside. This operation makes it possible both to obtain the desired temperature in the rooms and to adapt the rate to the outside temperature.